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About the game

In this room, the puzzling meets art. Play the piano, discover clues on pictures, and build a unique sculpture yourself.

Plot: He always wanted to be a painter and later also bore the professional title of “academic painter”. Throughout his life, he saw himself as a misunderstood artist. Because 2 times he applied unsuccessfully to study art at the general painting school of the Vienna Art Academy. Although his pictures actually revealed some talent, he was denied a place at university and lived in a homeless asylum for a long time. Who knows what would have become of him if he had been accepted into the art academy and become a famous painter and writer?

We want to find out. Penetrate the art academy in Vienna with your team. Find his file and add it to the admissions. So that the jury is presented with a corresponding work of art, create an exhibit according to the specifications that will knock everyone off their feet.

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October 2020
  • Difficulty


  • Duration

    60 Min

  • Group Size


  • Success Rate

    65 %

  • Best Time

    42 Min